AAA Adventure

Three is the magic number when it comes to thrilling adventures !

How it works

Our participants are invited to take part in three challenges:

Aerial Runway – A thrilling ride across the sky! This activity, also known as the Flying Fox, sees participants leap into the void, and ride a zip wire to safety. An activity for adrenaline lovers and fans of Back to the Future.

Abseiling – Experience the thrill of descending skilfully from great heights, surrounded by stunning scenery. Humming the Mission Impossible theme tune at the same time is optional.

Archery – Making use of reasonable pound weight re-curved bows, archery is a classic test of control and precision work, not to mention a handy skill to have in a Hunger Games situation.

The experience

This is one unique event where the challenges are as thrilling as they are safe. Our qualified staff will let the participants experience these three events in one super charged day !

Key business benefits

  • Unique experience
  • Adventurous
  • Fun day activity
  • Thrill seeking