Do it Knightly

Spend a ‘knight’ in medieval Malta, being greeted by the Grand Master and partake in the official knighting ceremony, a unique treat for guests at any event held in Malta.


Guests are greeted by an entourage of ceremonial guards dressed in period costumes of the knight’s era. Greeted by a fanfare salute, guests receive a warm welcome by the noble couple who invite them to join them for canapes and drinks.


The venue is decorated in free standing banners in rich red and gold tones, with free standing candelabras at the entrance. Small candelabras are the main centerpiece on the tables also decorated in rich red colour tones.  Uplighters line the venue, lighting up the stone surroundings (venue dependent) to give it a more authentic feel.


A fanfare is played to signal the time for guests to be seated. The noble couple announces the arrival of the Grand Master who will conduct the proclamation of the knighting ceremony. The ‘chosen ones’ are called out to be knighted, given an eight pointed pendant cross and certificate. The Grand Master will say his final blessings and signal for the meal to begin.

During the dinner, table hoppers performing magic and drawing caricatures will amuse guests, followed by the sounds of the strolling duo, performing background music. During the dinner, folk dancers will perform an interpretation of the village lifestyle.

After party

A DJ will play music to signal the start of the after party, enticing guests onto the dancefloor to finish the night off.