Industrial Evening

Clients experience the raw, dirty and gritty in this industrious setting surrounded by iron, metal and concrete, an event experience they surely won’t forget!

The concept

The industrial era had a ripple effect on many socio-economic factors including life style, architecture, work ethics and raw materials consumed and produced during the era… automated machines replaced a good amount of human hands & good old fashioned labour…


Guests will experience the factory in its raw original state with the dinner laid out canteen style using iron tables and chairs to provide an authentic industrial feel.

Creating a rough, authentic feel for the evening, lighting will hang from exposed steel trusses lining the hall with steel chains hung for effect. Machinery will be on display around the venue leading to a crude stage (set to look like a junk yard) set up with old fashioned heavy duty speakers.


Industrial stilt walkers, roller skaters and dancers will impress the guests with their performances during the dinner. After dinner, guests are involved in a jam session with a top percussionist of Malta, using recycled materials such as 45 gallon oil drums, wood, metal, dustbin lids, hollow pipes and more, with guests really getting in to the rustic music experience.

After Party

A DJ will start playing music to kick off the industrial party zone. The industrial revolution arrives before the night ends. An impressive show sing angle grinders will send sparks into the air, giving guests a night they will never forget.