Mexican Railway

Linking teams in a fun, high energy and engaging activity!

How it works
Imagine for a minute the power of a Mexican Wave and the way that it livens up an audience. Instead of simply throwing your arms in the air now imagine that the whole audience is holding a lightweight railway track in the air above their heads and transporting cargo along it.

Mexican Railway is rich in analogy enabling you to reinforce key conference messages in a meaningful way.

Learning Outcomes
An ingenious way to represent the power of one team one goal. A short, sharp and highly entertaining challenge, which tests a number of skills, both individually and as a team. The activity will test peoples co-ordination, balance, construction skills and effective communication.

It will get people up and moving and create energy within the room.

Key business benefits 

  • Unifies the group
  • Celebrate Success
  • Creates a Positive Attitude
  • High Energy

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