Speed Boat Treasure Hunt

Experience the islands  of Malta  Gozo from a unique perspective and enjoy an exciting  boat ride to the island’s vantage points known only by the locals.

How it works

Equipped with a clue book, a digital photo camera and any necessary documents required to complete the challenges, teams have to instruct their skippers to take them to the locations specified in their clue book. During the activity teams will explore the east coast of Malta and the island of Comino. At some of the locations teams meet our coordinators who have a challenge for the teams to complete to win their treasure chest clue.

Learning outcomes

Plumbers Nightmare: A team of Plumbers are tackling this trick task or retrieving a special tool from a free standing pipe. Retrieve this special tool by pouring water into the pipe and make the tool float. It’s not easy as it looks as the more water you pour the more leaks start.

Kayak Relay: Agents to have to paddle to a marked buoy and back in the form of a relay race in the shortest time possible. That’s not all! They must perform a simulated rescue on an inflatable doll!

Key business benefits

  • Shared Experience
  • Breaks the Ice
  • Memorable Destination Activity

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