Malta may be small but the trekking possibilities on offer are surprisingly varied!

How it works

Our trekking tours are flexible and can be modified to suit any client’s fitness level and abilities. Treks range from 2 hours in duration to 5-day packages.

Following is one of our favourite walking routes – the North coastal walk, which usually takes around 3 to 4 hrs hours to complete:

The Trek

Our walk starts from Mellieha Bay, in an area known as Santa Maria Estate. From here we will proceed right onto the cliffs towards the Mgiebah Valley. We will then proceed uphill along a pathway to Selmun Palace. From the palace we strike off left by the tower, following a track and follow the small road winding down into the area known as Ghajn Hadid. We proceed over open terrain and climb up through abandoned terraces until we reach our next goal – Fort Campbell. We climb more steeply up to Rdum il-Bies and around Ras il-Mignuna, before descending to the Pinto Redoubt, which stands guard over Mistra Bay. A final climb through a valley rich in agriculture takes you to Mistra Bay and ending in Xemxija,our final destination

Key business benefits

  • Shared Experience
  • Breaks the Ice
  • Memorable Destination Activity